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Smart belt to Protect Hips of Older Adults in Falls

One in three people over the age of 65 falls every year. Many of these will suffer a debilitating injury--a broken hip.

Hip fractures are associated with a significantly increased risk of mortality and are estimated to cost upwards of $22,000 per patient in the first year after a fall.

ActiveProtective and Archimedic collaborated to create the Tango belt, a novel inflatable hip-protection garment to shield the hips of the wearer during a fall. 

Tango fall prediction technology continuously monitors a user’s movement and deploys cushions around at-risk areas of the femur when it predicts a serious hip-impacting fall. The final design is small, lightweight, offers a style that appeals to both men and women, and can be worn outside of clothing or underneath an untucked shirt.




“One of [Archimedic's] true strengths is helping to bring new-to-the-world concepts to life. They’ve been a very capable and long-standing design partner of ours, from the MVP that allowed us to establish initial product-market viability to the mass-manufacturable design for commercialization. And, importantly, they understand and can work within the time and budgetary constraints faced by startups and established companies alike.”


Wamis Singhatat

CTO, VP of Product Development

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