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Z1 Portable CPAP Machine

Human Design Medical and Archimedic worked to design and engineer the new ZI™: the lightest and most user-friendly, portable CPAP machine on the market.

Exceptionally quiet, easy-to-use, and small in size, the 10-ounce ZI brings a new level of performance to the market.

In addition to developing the Z1, Archimedic also developed its PowerShell, the first fully integrated power solution for CPAP users who need a completely portable, built-in power source. Small enough to fit in the palm of a hand, the Z1/PowerShell system offers up to eight hours of cord-free use. 



The Z1 established a new standard for portable CPAP machines by combining class-leading size, weight, and acoustics. Competitive products are an average of 50% heavier and 1.7dbs louder than the Z1 based on an average of competitive products at


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