Raymond Czerwinski

As Director of Program Management, Ray leads the team in managing project resources, operations, and communications.


Ray started his career as a Quality Engineer working for a global endoscope manufacturer. He developed a solid foundation in the FDA regulations and ISO standards that govern the medical device industry. He also gained a deep understanding of how to design quality into a product, and what it takes to manufacture a device with reliable performance.    

Ray then moved to a company focused on titanium implants for use in cardiac surgery. He took a role as a Manufacturing Engineer developing light automation and increasing production throughput while maintaining exceptional product quality.  He then grew into a Program Manager, first leading project teams developing various implants and surgical tools, he eventually led a team of Program Managers and Engineers responsible for all new product launches. He then moved into strategic marketing, where he had the opportunity to travel and meet with surgeons and nursing staff, to understand their needs and inform future product development.  

Joining Archimedic in early 2020 Ray got back to his true passion, working with dynamic teams developing cutting edge medical devices. Ray currently leads the Program Management team, with direct responsibility on some projects and oversight of the rest. Ray’s passion for knowledge is reflected in the Program Management team’s focus on continual improvement.  

Ray lives outside Philadelphia with his wife, 2 kids, and retired seeing eye-dog. In his free time he enjoys reading (science fiction and history), cooking, exercising, brewing beer, and watching his favorite football team the Buffalo Bills. Ray loves seeing new places and trying new food, and hopes to spend more time traveling in the future.     

Ray holds a BS in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Rochester along with a PMP certification.