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Christopher Scholl

As Director of Surgical Devices at Archimedic, Chris leads projects that improve precision, speed and reliability in surgical procedures. 


Chris began his career as a mechanical engineer at Westinghouse Electric. Chris soon learned he wanted a deeper understanding of the product design process. He returned to school to earn his master's degree at the renowned Product Design program at Stanford University.

After graduation, Chris returned to his home town in Pennsylvania and entered the medical device industry, working at a start-up company manufacturing custom surgical trays. This work opened the door to Chris’s true passion, orthopedic product design.

In 1998, Chris joined a mid-sized company called Synthes USA as the fifth design engineer on staff. He worked with an international team of surgeons to develop the novel Unreamed Femoral Nail System, which quickly became one of the top selling implants for complex femur fractures. Several other new IM nailing systems followed.

Next for Chris, Synthes provided a unique opportunity for him to become a manufacturing engineer, leading a team of CNC operators and inspectors. Here Chris learned the art and science of high precision machining, including CNC programming, process control, and inspection theory based on GD&T principles.

After two years in production, Chris returned to Product Development to lead various teams into new markets for Synthes: pediatrics, veterinary, power tools, and biomaterials. In 2012, JNJ acquired Synthes, and Chris’s role changed to strategic planning and execution. Here he worked to merge product lines and sales teams from businesses that had been competing fiercely before the merger.

In 2014, Chris joined a fast-growing metrology company, FARO Technologies, where he led the Product Management team. His next role was Principal at Growth Dynamics, a firm specializing in business development training.

In 2019, Chris joined Archimedic and returned to his roots: medtech product development.

Chris lives in the suburban Philadelphia with his spouse and two Siamese cats. Outside of work, Chris enjoys outdoor activities such as golf, tennis, and perennial gardening. Chris is an avid landscape painter and board member of the Chester County Art Association.

Chris holds a B.S.M.E. from Tufts and an M.S.E. from Stanford. Chris has seven patents from his work at Synthes and four pending patents from his work for Archimedic clients.