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Saving Infants in Respiratory Distress with Stephen, Anna, & Sunil John

Season #1 Episode #4

On this episode, we sit down with Stephen and Anna John, a brother-sister team of medical device developers, working to bring life-saving respiratory therapy to the developing world. Their device, NeoVent, is a low-cost, mechanical solution to deliver two levels of air pressure to infants in respiratory distress without the need for continuous electric power.

Stephen and Anna grew up in rural Nepal, where their family worked to meet the medical needs of an undeserved population. Their father, Sunil, is a pediatric cardiologist and continues to split his time between practicing in Kalamazoo, Michigan and Nepal. Sunil is serving as a clinical advisor in the development of NeoVent. 

They're working to bring NeoVent to market through their company, AIM Tech. You can contact them through their website or by sending an email to [email protected].

"Every year, over one million infants die of severe respiratory illnesses, making it one of the leading causes of under five mortality in the world. 99% of those are in low to middle income countries, which shows you that there are good treatments for these conditions, but they're not reaching most of the world." -Stephen John, CEO, AIM Tech