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MedTech Venture Studio

An equity-based partnership with early-stage innovators that provides funding and expertise to efficiently execute the critical MedTech milestones.

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The Challenge for Clinical Innovators in MedTech

Some of the best MedTech innovations come from clinical innovators that know the standard of care and associated clinical and economic problems. The challenge is that clinical innovators are busy people with limited time and resources to commit to device development. Early conversations with large corporate partners for licensing often go nowhere, and these impactful clinical innovations usually die on the vine. Our MedTech Venture Studio solves this problem by forming partnerships with founders, securing the necessary funding, and leveraging our expert team and resources to execute on the key MedTech milestones swiftly and effectively.

How Venture Studio Works

MedTech founders can partner with Archimedic on an equity basis to derisk medical devices and accelerate time to market. Partnership agreements are structured to align long-term interests of founding team members and Archimedic. Equity is vested in Archimedic only after funds have been raised and milestones have been achieved.


Patent + Prototype

You come to the table with a clearly identified unmet need, a patented solution, and a proof-of-concept prototype.


Commercial Strategy

Through a brief paid engagement, we create a commercial plan that weaves together the regulatory, commercial, clinical, development, and manufacturing strategies, timelines, and funding requirements. 

Go / No-Go Decision


Partnership Agreement

If both parties would like to advance following the commercial strategy step, we establish terms for royalties, equity, and vesting based on achievement of funding and MedTech milestones.


$250k Funding + Derisking

Archimedic applies for Phase 1 SBIR funding to advance product development and complete technical, pre-clinical, and regulatory de-risking activities.


$1.5M Funding + Reg. Clearance

Archimedic applies for Phase 2 SBIR funding to finalize product development, achieve design freeze, launch manufacturing, complete V&V, and gain regulatory clearance.


NewCo Spinout

Archimedic recruits a full-time CEO and creates a new business entity. CEO is tasked with raising funds, driving commercialization process, and engaging target acquiring companies.



NewCo is acquired by strategic partner. Proceeds from transaction are provided to founders, Archimedic, NewCo team members, and investors based on equity positions.

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