Helping innovators streamline the execution of critical medtech milestones

Our workshops are for medtech innovators that want to lead. We provide processes, tools, and advisory services to ensure that innovators have the knowledge and resources they need to efficiently and effectively accomplish their medtech milestones.
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Execution of critical medtech development milestones

Our contract development services are for innovators that are seeking an expert team to execute with precision and efficiency. Our contract services are aimed at achieving the critical technical, clinical, regulatory, and manufacturing milestones.


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CTO, PeriCor

"Once again Archimedic exceeded my expectations! Not only was our project plan completed on schedule, but their company delivered more than promised in the scope of work. As a medical device startup, every dollar matters and Archimedic’s experience, creativity, and follow through has set us on the path to success. There is no company I trust more to navigate PeriCor through product development and commercialization."

Mike Mazzio

VP, Engineering, Conventus Orthopaedics

"Archimedic helped my team in the development of a new nailing system for the fibula as well as a novel trauma plating system for use around the knee. We needed to add resources that knew how to design in the orthopedic space as well as work with remote team mates. They were able to bring resources online quickly as our needs increased or ratchet them back when warranted. The Archimedic team took on the complete instrument development work while my team did the implants; their coordination of mating parts was seamless and the first prototypes fit together perfectly! They also handled all project management for their team so it relieved me of that responsibility. Archimedic has been the only contract design house that I have had this much confidence in over my 30 year career in orthopedics. They truly worked as an extension of our in-house team."


Director, FDA Pennsylvania Pediatric Device Consortium

"As Director of the FDA’s Pennsylvania Pediatric Medical Device Consortium, I have seen Archimedic help early-stage pediatric medical device ideas come to fruition. They have all the expertise, experience, and tools to make this happen."


Technical Director, Bioengineering, Children's National Hospital

"We just completed a project with Archimedic to develop new concepts for an ankle robot for therapy for children with cerebral palsy. Archimedic did an outstanding job of working with our engineers and clinicians to understand the problem and develop new concepts. We were extremely satisfied with the work and would recommend them to others."


CEO, Tango

"One of Archimedic’s true strengths is helping to bring new-to-the-world concepts to life. They’ve been a very capable and long-standing design partner of ours, from the MVP that allowed us to establish initial product-market viability to the mass-manufacturable design for commercialization. And, importantly, they understand and can work within the time and budgetary constraints faced by startups and established companies alike.”


Founder & CEO, Orvac

"As a first-time inventor and company founder without any engineering or medical background, I was initially overwhelmed about the medical device development process. Archimedic helped clarify this process, created a compelling vision for the Orvac™, and developed a comprehensive plan for achieving my longer-term business milestones. With Archimedic’s help I was able to secure additional funding to advance the Orvac™ to continue product development and commercialization milestones.”


Division Chief, Cardiology, Children's National Hospital

"Archimedic was invaluable in working with us towards commercialization of product. They provided expert consultation and professional advice."


Founder and CEO, Emergence Dental

"The Archimedic team led design work on packaging for our dental/craniomaxillofacial bone regeneration system. We were very pleased with their ability to quickly understand our product concept, and to not only build packaging concepts that met our user needs but to point out other user needs and operating environment constraints that hadn’t come to mind. In addition to their design work, the Archimedic team accelerated our testing timeline by identifying and working with rapid prototyping and go-to-market manufacturers to help us obtain high-quality prototypes for usability testing. The dental/CMF space has unique product and adoption considerations and it’s been great to work with a team that understands this area well."


Founder & CEO, Basil Leaf Technologies

"It’s been great working with Archimedic because they’ve been able to get us focused and on track in a very logical trajectory. I was trying to go all directions at the same time, and it was really not sustainable."

Dan Mazzucco, PhD

Founder & CEO, ZSX Medical

"“As our engineering partner, Archimedic has been rapid, creative, and adaptable in bringing our napkin sketches to realization.”